Monday, July 25, 2005

My First Post

Well, this whole blogging thing is very new to me so I guess we'll see how it goes and if I can actully right enough to fill some pages. I've been reading a few other blogs and decided why not give it a try myself. I figure at the very least this will be a place where I can explore my own thoughts and feelings, even if nobody else reads them, and this should hopefully benifit me in some way.

Fist off, I am a 27 year old internet poker pro. Ive been playing online for about six years (started at paradise, moved to party and currently play on about 3 other sites). I have been a pro now, which I consider to be anyone whose primary income comes from poker, for about 3-4 years. This means I have not had a real job in about 4 years. The primary focus of this blog is for me to give some insight into what I have experienced as a internet pro. Poker will be the focus but more so I will try to capture everything poker entails and how it intertwines with life. Or maybe I should say how lije intertwines with poker because essentially (good or bad) my life is poker. Over the days and weeks I plan to explore such things as love, addiction, isolation, frustration, self destruction, winning, losing, optimism, lonliness, and give some overall progress notes on my poker career. All this is coming after probably the worsdt two months of my life (not poker wise) so like I said if nothing else this will be an outlet for me to work through some things, do some self exploration, hopefully get a few readers, and chronicle my poker career.

So as they say lets "shuffle up and deal" and hopefully I will be dealt some good cards (for a change).

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