Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There is no God!

Without a doubt and undeniably there is no god....at least not a God of poker. Only a devil! If there was a god of pokerI would win and not be subject to such horrible runs. I am not one to bitch about bad beats, and i rearly remeber specific hands. I have played so many that very little phases me.

Although I think I must share one of my wost beat stories. These were not even bad beats ok they were, but still pretty unbelievable. Ok, so i play three seprate hands out of four at 10-20 limit. I get 88, AA, and AKs respectively. First hand 88, flop 877... i'm golden right... lose to quad sevens, another seven on the river. Very next hand deat AA....ok so I'll get some of my money back right? Flop is A Q 5. Looks good right.. turn a blank.. river a Q. Perfect Aces full, betting is capped and i wish it was no limit so I can bust this guy. Oops, he shows QQ...damn. Pretty unreal, next hand I fold but then I'm dealt AKs. So I'm thinking in my misery, maybe I get some money back here. Of course I raise, get two callers and flop comes all spades...which means I have the nut flush. Again, I'm golden right? Turn is a 2 and so is the river. I slow down a little on the river because the board is paired. Wouldn't you know guy shows 22. So in 3 out of 4 hands I get 2 full houses and one nut flush and lose each one to quads. Seriously has anybody seen quads 3 out of four hands? Well I have, and at least one of those hands if I was playing at the right place (Aces full) would have hit the badbeat jackpot.

But that is poker right? You play enough you see it all. Well please somebody tell me they have seen quads 3 out of 4 hands, and then tell me you had 2 full houses (nice full houses for that matter i.e. flopped top set) and a nut flush (on the flop) and lost each hand to quads. For all you conspiracy buffs and scobi.com enthuisists this happenned at paradise poker about 3 years ago. See, proof, internet poker is rigged right.

But anyway, see what I mean, there is no poker god only a devil. How else could this happen? And don't give me some bullshit answer about how if you put enough monkeys in a room sitting at typewriters over a long enough time one of them will type the complete works of Shaekspere. I play poker seriously and I graduated from college so I know about probability theory. It is still bullshit. Again there are no poker Gods... there are only devils!

This last session I didn't even lose that much. But I should have one alot.... I think I am just sick of the stress. Why can't it be easy for a change...it has been before! I consider myself a very good player and I have stats to back it up, but as I am sure all you guys know poker can be pretty brutal. It seems at this site I've been playing at for the last couple weeks (I prop there) it has been a little unfair. Ok alot unfair...these guys I'm playing against aren't even that good. I have enough experiance to know a good player when I see one, or at leat I hope so. And I guess that is why it is so frustrating. I'm sure others can relate, but sitting at a table for hours with not complete suckers but pretty much suckers only to drop 300, and to do this at three seprate tables you're playing at simultaneuosly. You know you are better than these guys, at least, in your own opinion right? (because we all think we are better than we actually are) I have to insert a quote here.

"poker is like sex... everyone thinks they are the best at it but most people don't have a clue" Dutch Boyd (at least its something like that)

But maybe I am getting outplayed. That is always a possibility and in some ways I'm beginning to think this is the case. Ok maybe not, but can it please be easy. Can I get good cards and can I make the right decisions, the right plays? Can my big hands hold up? Can I hit a damn draw and can somebody miss their draw against me. Does it always have to be a grind?

Anyway I will stop complaining because when it comes to poker I have been blessed. I am a consistent winner so I shouldn't complain (I usually don't). Besides I consider bankroll management the most important aspect of being a poker pro and therefore I have been able to outlast the downswings. Never overplay you bankroll this is the first commandment of professional poker. If you are bust you can't work so don't go bust.

I need a drink so I'll shut up. Besides, I know why its been rough lately. It's because of a girl but that is another post and like I said, I need a drink! Oooh addicition!


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