Saturday, August 06, 2005

Taking a Break

Well I haven't posted in awhile mainly because I have been taking a break from poker. Mainly because I didn't feel like playing. I think if it is feeling too much like work it is time to take a break. So I hit up the black jack tables one or two nights did some reading and just tried to relax and get my mind off poker.

So I got back playing the other night and proceeded to drop about 1500 at empire. I was playing heads up and this guy just killed me. I couldn't catch a hand and this guy was a decent player and just murdered me. I wonder if he was just that much better than me or if it was just bad cards. Who knows? All I know is that I lost alot of money that I really didn't need to lose or could afford to lose. Oh well is just chips right?

Anyway other than that things have gone pretty well. I'm making a steady profit at the tables at the site that I prop at. Although, I did get into it with a fellow prop the other day. Here is the hand that kind of set me off. I have KQ and I think I raised preflop. Flop is K Q 8 rainbow. Nice. I check raise the flop and get two callers. Bet the turn and both players call (the turn was 7d). No straights no flushes I'm good right. River is the 4d so still no flush possiblities and only one straight out there and I hardly think someone would draw to runner runner straight. I bet the river and get raised. I call probably should have raised but the guy who raised me (who is also a prop) has drawn out on me so many times. Seriously it is unreal this guy. He owns me with his bad cards and always seems to beat me with inferior hands. He is the only prop that I really remember because he has beat me so many times with inferior hands. Anyway, he raises the river and I call, he shows 44. Pocket fours are you kidding? I don't know how you call the flop when it is checkraised and then call the turn when there are 4 overcards. Oh well like I said this guy seems to have my number. So this happens right and, its not the first time this night that this guy has beat me with hands like that. So i type in the grandma draws to 2 outs.... no big deall right I've said much worse before and I'm steaming a little after that horrible sux out.

So I get a message from the shift manager asking me if I have a problem (shift manager oversees the prop play at various sites). I say no I don't have a problem I'm trying to make some money. So what happened was that another prop, not even the one I was in the hand with (as I found out later) reported me for berating players. He said I made two table break up because of my comments. Give me a break!


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